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Chapter 11

In mid-September we said goodbye, but not before purchasing Serge a ticket to Utah. Despite being embarrassed in front of my mom, I craned my neck to catch a last glimpse of Serge waving madly from his brother Dave's stoop and then cried all the way to the airport. He would be following us to Salt Lake City two weeks later. I could hardly wait. Little did I know his second visit to Utah would change my life dramatically. Forever.

Monica Misses Serge
Sunday September 19, 2004

Hello there Baby!
Here I sit.. Back in this chilly newsroom. But I am warm - despite the cold, knowing that you are out there somewhere in Brooklyn, having drinks with your brother and Kate, and hopefully missing me.

I want to thank you for the best week in my life, so far. I didn't think being with you could get much better than the time we spent crossing Texas together, but it did.. Can your visit to SLC top NYC? Jesus, I don't know but I'm damn sure going to give it a go..

You are the strongest, smartest, funniest, sexiest, most creative man I have ever met. The more time I spend with you, the more you astound me as you let your personality loose. It's ridiculous for me to even attempt to convey to you with mere words, the emotions that rocket through my body when I conjure up images of our time together this past week; you above me, me above you, slowly riding you to orgasm. Exchanging glances on the subway, circling the top of the mist shrouded empire state building, taking in the amazing view with you by my side, talking about life as the sun slowly sinks below the Manhattan skyline in a blaze of glory..

Serge... be with me forever. Let's make this work. It's the greatest life experiment ever. How much can you love another human being? How hard can you try to make them feel like the most important person in the world? How far out of your way will you go to make it work? What does it take to make the greatest love story ever? What you and I share is better than any of the best. Fuck Bogart and Bacall, forget about Sinatra and Ava Gardner, Clark Gable or Carol Lombard. I can't keep my thoughts off you, I don't ever want to keep my hands off you. We will pave our own relationship path... taking cues from nobody but each other. I trust you implicitly. I trust you because you are you. Please don't ever doubt me. I am yours and only yours and cannot fathom letting another man into my world. I belong to you. Always.

Monica: In a dark control room at FOX 13.

SLC Itinerary
Monday September 20 2004

11:55pm - Plane lands
12:00am - Meet up with Monica
12:01am - Fuck like mad in the back of the Durango
This will last until Tuesday morning.

Tuesday: (Monica takes day off)
Sleep in, until we feel like getting up.
Upon waking: Get coffee into Serge ASAP! (Am looking into ways to accomplish this intravenously to save hassle of leaving bed)
Lie in bed languidly until late afternoon, perhaps a bit of pot smoking, a bit more sex... some napping and maybe chinese food.
Late afternoon: fiery sex until dusk.
Dusk: We emerge, sleepy eyed into the cool autumn air for a walk with Max.
Evening: Bubble bath with Monica, wine and maybe Jagermeister. That's right, I said Jager! (Max may get kinky and try to watch: he enjoys laying on the bathroom floor and barks if left out of any bathroom festivities be it bathtubbing or teethbrushing)
Late Evening: Movie at Brewvies so Serge can booze AND watch a flick.
Nite Cap at The Tavernacle and a chuckle at the dueling piano men
Home for slow, tantalizing sex and sleep.

Wake up: More sex
We grab coffee and head up into Millcreek canyon for a morning hike with Max.
12 noon: Home for quick shower and then it's off to work for Monica.
1:00pm: Serge explores SLC...
6pm: Monica meets up with Serge for lunch/dinner
7pm: Serge comes to FOX 13 to meet the gang and see the newscast
10pm: Perhaps we head to Liquid Joe's to see what interesting bands are playing. Maybe not. Maybe we rent a movie and head home.
Midnight: More sex and sleep.

Must assess options. Will get back to you with further itinerary info soon.

To Be Continued...

Tuesday September 21, 2004

Monica, Monica, Monica,

It's a sunny day here in Philadelphia and I need a shower badly. Just back from the gym: felt good to just sweat out some of last weeks beers and burgers, you know? Dammit, I am missing you something fierce. And frankly, I don't think I should keep logging onto someone's wedding photos like a freak so that I can see your smile, dream up your laugh....but so it goes.

Well, I am often fond of saying "This time next week I'll be_______" since my life really does seem to put me in a new place each week...or each day even. Still, this time its exciting and exhilerating to imagine that "This time next week I'll be with you in SLC." God, it will be a grand flight, knowing that on the other end you await. I can just picture that empty midnight airport now: the long spooky halls of glass and chrome, the artificial air they pump in, the final moments before I see your face. Believe cannot come fast enough.

On the internet this morning I ran across SLC's weekly paper website and then across its issue naming the BEST OF SLC 2004. SHIT.....your damn FOX news program was all over it. BEST EVENING NEWS as well as some of the best evening news anchors, both of whom I have heard you say are your girlfriends or at least people you get along well with!!! I guess your duty is too behind the scenes for them to give out an award.....but they did mention that you guys love to play up the celebrity gossip angle sometimes so I took that as a sign that you made it in there somehow!!!!

Seriously though: I was so proud and excited when I saw those things. And after listening in on you in the control room last night (by the way that's was SOOO SEXY...hearing you throw out commands like a Civil War General!) I know how superb you must be at your job. And I know it might not be your true calling or what you end up doing forever, but it does warrant that I tell you how much I admire your dedication to bringing yourself up alone these last 10 or 12 years.

Also, I should mention that I am in love with your bodacious mind.

In addition, I should not fail to mention my pure addiction to your sensual body.

Ok...I'm gonna call you up as soon as I can get my act together here today. Band is rolling in in the next hour and we have a rehearsal planned for this afternoon, so I'll call you as soon as I can. Even if its just for a moment so that I can selfishly hear your wonderful laugh and speak your lovely name.

Oh yeah.....send me some more itinerary! That shit is so cool. I have printed out so many articles about Mormons and SLC from the net that I should probably get Paul a new pack of paper.


Tuesday September 21, 2004

9:00AM: Serge awakens to Monica doing naughty things to his lower half.
The naughtiness continues for as long as possible.
We load Max into the Durango, grab a coffee, then head to Tanner Park so Max can make his social rounds and take a swim.
We chat by the water and watch the sun come up over the mountains, which are ablaze with orange, red and yellow leaves.. Max splashes around and barks hello to old acquaintances.
11AM: Drive to downtown SLC for a stroll downtown. Check out Temple Square (Mormon Temple, you have seen this from that webcam) the damned Beehive House and all the other Mormon sites.
12 Noon: Head over to Crossroads mall. Serge has an appointment with Liz from Bellezza for a haircut (really, you do)
1PM: A freshly shorn Serge drives Monica to work and is on his own until 6pm. If he is extremely handsome after the new haircut, he is required to go directly home and stay there!!
6PM: Serge has lunch/dinner with Monica then heads over to The Broadway to take in a movie.
9:PM: Serge drives back to FOX and hangs out with Monica for newscast.
10:PM: Drinks with the gang at Green Street (Thursdays are Karaoke Nights)
MIDNIGHT: It's over to Golden Trails for a bit of pool and strippers.
Home for Sex!!!

6AM: Head South to Monica's hometown of Orem.
7AM: Trade cars with Elaine (Mom) and we're off to Vegas!
10AM: Serge gets pleasured on the road
11AM: Round 2
12noon: Round 3
1PM: Roll into Vegas and check into hotel
1:01PM: Sex on hotel bed in front of big fuck-off type closet door mirrors (MMMmmm) Brief nap, then into the tub...More sex.. the soapy, sudsy, awkward positioning in the tub kind...
4PM: Head to the nearest and cheapest buffet to load up on shitty Vegas food
5PM: Sparkling drinks... Sparkling conversation... Sparkling companion...
6PM: The grand tour of Vegas nightlife begins!


Wednesday September 22, 2004

And so it goes... A bleary-eyed, hair dryer hot, Saturday morning in Vegas. WE WHAT? We got married!!! Holy shit. Do you remember saying I do? Serge!! You forgot! How could you? Actually, just kidding.. We didn't get hitched.
11AM: Monica wakes up Serge with a steaming cup of coffee, a cheese danish, and a really intense blow job.
11:30AM: A VERY wide awake Serge then steps into the shower Monica has started for him.
11:35AM: Serge soaps up, but before he can rinse, he feels Monica's naked body pressed up behind him. Rock hard nipples, carving through the suds sluicing down his beautiful back... Hands reach around to grope his muscular chest... Tongue explores the sensual curve of his kneck, his earlobes, licking 'round to his rugged jaw line, onward, to his lucious lips. Tongues dance in the wild wet as Serge's hands slide slowly down...

Wait! This is an itinerary.. Not soft core porn!

12 Noon: We head over to the New York, New York hotel for a spin on the roller coaster.
1:00PM: Stop for bagels, cream cheese and salmon and toss around the idea of really getting married. Do you dare? Should we do it?
2:00PM: Play a couple slot machines for kicks then sneak into the ladies room for hot, sweaty sex in a stall.
2:30PM: We head out into the arid Vegas heat, and meander down the strip, toward the Mirage and Treasure Island.
3:00PM: The pirate show begins at Treasure Island. We check that out, and decide to take in a movie.
6:00PM: Hungry. We split an ice cream cone and wander on down the strip in search of entertainment... We saunter through various stores... buy a magnet for Serge, a patch for Dave that says "Sin City" and decide to head back to our room.
7:00PM: We lay in the tub, rinsing away our "sins", listen to the news on television, and discuss various things... Monica brings Serge a Corona with lime... and Serge tells Monica stories about his life before he met her.
8:00PM: We decide to catch a cab to "Cheetah's", Vegas' premiere strip club.
10:00PM: Fairly liquored in a private room at Cheetah's. Hey, We're in Vegas, may as well do it up right! Monica has ordered Serge a lap dance. A very nubile, brunette seductress currently stands in front of Serge, who isn't quite sure just how to behave. Can he enjoy the lap dance his girl ordered for him? Or does he have to monitor how much pleasure he derives from another woman in front of Monica??
10:05:PM Monica watches Serge squirm a bit before stepping in and taking care of the situation.
10:06:PM Serge now watches as the brunette beauty slides her hands beneath Monica's skirt, and proceeds to work her way slowly up Monica's quivering thighs.
WAIT! Why do I keep digressing into porn??? Told you I'm a sex junkie over you! Nevertheless, our night progresses... and I can't tell you what cums next. After all - what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

To be continued...