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Monica Bielanko
A chronicle since 2005 of my marriage & move to Brooklyn in my twenties; becoming a mother in my thirties; moving to Pennsylvania and learning to amicably coparent after divorce in my forties while living 3 doors down from my ex-husband in a small country town.
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A Letter To My Ex-Husband On Father's Day

You never really know what kind of parent someone will turn out to be.

It’s one of the hardest jobs in the world — and not everybody is up to the task. I’ve known kind, intelligent men whose personalities seem tailor-made for parenting who can’t hack it on the front-lines of parenthood. And conversely, I’ve witnessed hardened bad boys transform into gelatinous piles of mush the moment their babies are born, tackling the dad role with gusto.

Who knew what kind of father the scrappy little rock’n’roller from Philly I married 11 years ago would become? I didn’t.

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She Said: To Botox or Not to Botox?

Mom Monica Bielanko ponders whether she should get Botox or not, even though she used to be so against it. Can you relate? #shesaid

Posted by on Thursday, June 11, 2015
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