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Dispatches From A Separated Couple


Crow's Feet Are Sexy

I'm not going to lie, I'm hitting a point in my life where I scrutinize myself in the mirror and start to wonder... Maybe I should get a bit of Botox too? I see friends attending parties where they just get a little injection here or there and unless they specifically told me they were having it done, I'd never know - except it will eventually be as clear as the stiff, puffiness that will become their faces. You can't hide it, no matter how careful you think you're being.

Take women like Kim Kardashian and Courteny Cox - gorgeous women - who have access to top notch plastic surgeons and they've ruined their faces. Instead of looking young they've removed all trace of character from their faces and now appear to be anywhere from 30 to 60, a Madame Tussauds wax character of themselves. Those faces, the puffy, melty, shiny faces of women younger than myself are a sad fact of a society that has it backwards and worships youth instead of age.

I'm telling you all this to intro a piece Serge wrote on YourTango. I wanted to share it to let you know that yes, there are guys out there that find your crow's feet sexy, that like your floppy natural boobs, that want to take you by the hand and pull you into bed and kiss lips that have never been injected with anything...

All of this messing with your face in the name of pure vanity is still pretty much hovering around the level of MEDIEVAL DARK AGES. You pay your money, you get lasered/scissored/injected/inflated/skin-flap-lifted/plastic-cheekbone-slithered, and you come out looking as if a nuclear pigeon shat a half-pound of poison mayo down on your cheek. There's no tip-toeing around it, my friends; there are no 'fabulous' surgeons, and I don't care what Hollywood tells you or how many people are paying big money to smile the kind of smile where nothing physical appears to happen. Because here's the truth: 97% of the people who get those kind of procedures done to the most visible part of their anatomy end up slathered and deep-fried in a whole lot of WTF. And you know what? It's high time somebody called them on it.

To keep reading click on over to YourTango...

Dispatches From A Separated Couple



We made it.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I had another panic attack in the shower today. I stood there sobbing as the warm water pounded my skull, staring in horror at the nightmarishly thick wad of hair clutched in my shaking hand.

I'm losing my hair. It's been happening for a while now. I'd estimate that in the past 2 months I've lost 65 percent of my hair, including eyelashes.

It started in early July. I'd brush my hair and within minutes, an amount of hair that usually would've taken several weeks to accumulate would be clinging to the brush. Instead of the smattering of hairs that would normally line the drain I would spend most my time in the shower dealing with small clumps of hair coming off in my hands.

Initially, I ignored it. I've had long, thick hair for most of my life, so not only do I have hair to spare, but dealing with long hairs strewn about the house or clogging the drain was a regular occurrence.

But this time, it didn't stop

You can read the whole thing over on YourTango.