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Ready, Set, Go!

So I suppose I should write a charming little essay sprinkled with words like Italia was bellisima! and shit like that. But although Italy rocked, that kind of talk would make me throw up in my mouth a little bit..

Italy rocked and now I am home. Am not really suffering from the usual post vacation blues.. it was lovely to come home. Perhaps more traveling anecdotes will follow.. but right now, at 11:30 on a Friday night, they aren't coming.

I sent my friend Xmastime a text message today. We're great friends, but we never really engage in chats on our own...always with drunken groups at bars and such.. I thought it might be nice to up the friend ante and invite him for coffee.. just us. Apparently, the fact that I invited him.. just the two of us.. for a non alcoholic beverage struck him as so odd he sent the following text:
If this is my intervention you're too late.

If that's what my friends think when I invite them for plain old coffee I should really make an effort to meet up more often.. and probably stop drinking too..

Oh yeah, come with me to Italy:


Am at a tiny internet cafe in Milan. Headed to the airport shortly.. Milan, Modena, Venice, Bologna, Florence and back to Milan. Am ready to come home.. I miss my Brooklyn buddies (Max!).. Drink tonight, anyone? I am nearly an alcoholic at this point. OH! I drink wine now too!

Venice was my favorite. Millions of photos|videos to come..



No reservations. No schedules. No expectations. Just Italy, us and a credit card. Milan. Maybe Lake Como? Venice has been discussed. Florence too. Perhaps Pisa? Rome? Truthfully I don't much care where, just who.

I want to hold my husband's hand, feel the length of him next to me... his palm imperceptibly guiding me by pressing gently into the small of my back as we stroll thousand year old streets and see the sights, whatever they may be...

Aside From The Millions Of Dollars It Would Kind Of Suck To Be Famous

It is Ethan Hawke. The actor. I suppose he's an author as well but have you read either of his books? Thought so. He is standing next to me on the corner of Columbus and 68th on the Upper West Side. I've just stepped out of the building that houses the news station in which I work to grab a sandwich for lunch.

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The Reluctant Suburbanite

I was on the phone last night with a friend of mine who lives in Happy Valley, (A.K.A Utah County) Utah. "What are you doing?" I ask. "Picking up my kids." He replies. "Come on kids!" He shouts to his three small children. Buckle in gang! If you're good we'll go to Wendy's maybe." "You are SO suburban!" I shout. "I most certainly am NOT!"

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