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A chronicle since 2005 of my marriage & move to Brooklyn in my twenties; becoming a mother in my thirties; moving to Pennsylvania and learning to amicably coparent after divorce in my forties while living 3 doors down from my ex-husband in a small country town.
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I'll Bet Your Brother Doesn't Have Your Name Tattooed On His Arm

I saw my younger brother last week for the first time in a long while. He saw New York City for the first time ever before coming out here to our house. I showed him around Manhattan and he showed me several new tattoos he got a while back - his daughter's name, my mom's name and my name in a circle around his arm. Because we're the most important girls in his life, he says.

He sure is a cute boy. I tried to convince him to move here but his daughter lives with her mom near him in Utah so it probably ain't gonna happen and I understand. But still. I'd totally dig it if he moved out here.

You can see more photos of him (and my mom) as we take Violet and Henry on a much anticipated hayride. Come along, won't you? Or not. I understand the Babble links can be tiresome. But, well, it's how it's gotta be. I appreciate your support more than you'll ever know. Basically, it's because of you that I'm able to continue to write for Babble which means working from home and being with my kids, so thank you a thousand times over for clicking my links. You guys have helped make all my dreams come true.