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Monica Bielanko
A chronicle since 2005 of my marriage & move to Brooklyn in my twenties; becoming a mother in my thirties; moving to Pennsylvania and learning to amicably coparent after divorce in my forties while living 3 doors down from my ex-husband in a small country town.
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Conversations Between An Old Married Couple

Serge:  We need more sippy cups! 

Me:  We have, like, five.

Serge: But they're all always dirty when you're home.

Me:  That's because we use them.  That's what you're supposed to do.

Serge:  What I do is I use the same one all day, washing it every time Violet finishes using it.  That way, they aren't always all dirty.

Me:  According to that logic we only need one sippy cup then, right?

Serge: Uh. Wait.  No.  Nevermind...



Serge:  It's so bright.  Why is it always so bright here?

Me: What do you mean 'here'?

Serge:  Here in Utah.  It's so bright.

Me:  See that thing there?  That big thing in the sky?  It's called the sun.

Serge:  It's way too bright.