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First Birthday

Waiting for Pop to get home so the fun can begin!

Still waiting. Max. Milo. Keep an eye out!

I mean, seriously, where is he?

Oh, oh! Is that him?

Aw, damn. False alarm. Where IS he?!



Look at the pretty balloons!

Do you see my awesome balloons? Do you?

Balloons are amazing. There they are! Right up there! Do you see?

Time out for the requisite paparazzi shots with The Grandmas.

Thanks Grandmas. You're swell and all but MY BALLOONS! I can't stop looking at my balloons. Nothing can distract me from my balloo.... OMG! CAAAKE!

Mom says Dad made it so I can't be sure.

Okay, all right, I can dig this...

I LOVE CAKE! I LOVE BALLOONS! LOOK AT ALL MY PRESENTS! MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE! Aw hell... Mom says it's time for a tub and then bed. G'night.