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Monica Bielanko was born and raised on the wild frontier of late 1970's Utah. She once went to see a band from Philly and three months later she married the guitar player. Nine years and a billion fights later and they are still married.

Monica is a recovering Mormon who stopped believing in her early twenties, was super-pissed about it throughout her mid-twenties, came to grips with it in her latter-twenties and officially resigned when the church helped raise funds in support of Proposition 8 in 2008. She's still pissed about that. You'll find she has tangled with the Mormon church a time or two and still likes to lumber atop her Soap Box now and again and ballyhoo but says she's not half as angry about things as she used to be. Some family members and childhood friends still shake their heads at her but that's okay, she shakes her head right back which makes for, you know, a lot of head-shaking.

As mentioned, Monica met her husband, Serge, at a rock gig in Salt Lake City in August of 2004 and secretly married him a few weeks later. You can read all about it here. Go on, it's a good story. After that they moved to Brooklyn, New York, which is where and when this blog kicks off. Touring, drunk nights, no kids, when bed before 4am was early. Hoo boy, how times have changed.

Also? His name is pronounced surge not ser-gay. You can find his most excellent writings here on his section of this website called Thunder Pie. He doesn't write as often as Monica does but is a much better writer when he does. Monica is annoyed by this but also very proud.

In 2007, after more than a decade of touring the world with his band Marah Serge decided to quit. He was tired. It was time.

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They moved back to Utah where they had two children, Violet and Henry and then they got the hell out of Utah and moved to the Pennsylvania countryside where they routinely hear the Amish rumble past their old farmhouse in horses and buggies.



Monica would like you to know she likes beer, Howard Stern, beer, documentaries (including True Life and 16 And Pregnant on MTV) and then the dramatic, gritty ones that indicate she is a serious film-goer. And beer. A dry, red wine is nice too. And beer. She likes to know about people and their lives and generally prefers an episode of Dateline to a sitcom. She hates most romantic comedies. Would rather watch paint dry than a romantic comedy. Except for awesome 80's movies generally starring Molly Ringwald and directed by the late John Hughes. She's not saying that to be all movie elitist or anything, she just don't like romantic comedies, they make her feel awkward, fidgety and eye roll-y. She reads a lot. That includes In Touch, Us Weekly and Star. People magazine is good too. She is stubborn but easily influenced by persuasive people. She changes her mind a lot.

Oh! And if presented with the choice of nachos or a big slab of cheesecake she will choose the nachos every time. This, she believes, is an integral part of understanding who she is. Nachos. And beer. These things I humbly say to you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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